Four Corridors

4 Corridors

Harriman Design Guidelines_plan and open space

Harriman TOD

regional design institutes_planning framework sketch_web site

RPA Regional Design Institutes

Pace LULC_workshop sketch_web site image

Pace Land Use Academy

Making Room for Affordable Housing

Making Room: Affordable Housing

Design Your Town manual and web site landing page_web

Design Your Town

Visions for Ground Zero

FWS development corridor sketch

Far West Side

Dutch Dialogs paired plans_smaller for web

Dutch Dialogs

Bridgeport Illustrative Plan Overlay_cropped



The Road Not Taken

Supercontext for urban design

Supercontext for Urban Design


ReCalibrating the Grid

Making Midtown_LP_jpg

Making Midtown

Machine Next Door_LP

The Machine Next Door

Beyond the Box_web site image_2

Beyond the Box

Raritan plan_plan only

Places of Production

Hastings on Hudson


DetailedPlanEast_Illustrative_thumbnail for Work landing page

Somerville Station Plan

Stamford Master Plan_LP

Stamford Master Plan

Glenbrook  TOD_LP

Glenbrook & Springdale

Microsoft PowerPoint - Work Live Play Westchester_annotated Lane

Live Work Play

Vancouver_Surrey_partial plan_LP

Surry, British Columbia

Microsoft PowerPoint - WORKSHOP_Lane team only.ppt [Compatibility M

Tbilisi, Georgia


Gosford, Australia

Shanghai_illustrative plan_LP

Huamu Station